Composite Elevated Water Tanks

Y-12 National Security Complex, TN

In 2007, Phoenix was awarded the contract to construct two, 2,000,000-gallon Composite Elevated Tanks (CET) for the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN, in partnership with URS (formerly Washington Group International). The project afforded Phoenix the opportunity to showcase its full capabilities in the CET market, adhering to stringent quality assurance and quality control measures as well as the intensive security demanded by a project of this magnitude.

The two tanks were constructed on 52 ft. diameter concrete pedestals, each requiring 22 concrete pours in our revolutionary seven-foot forms to help the tanks reach their 210’-5” water height. Standing side by side, these large tanks consumed 1.2 million pounds of steel.

Both tanks were completed on time and solidified Phoenix’s reputation for total construction capabilities for large Composite Elevated Tank on the most demanding stage. They have been online since 2010, proudly serving a facility largely responsible for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Nuclear Security Enterprise.

Project Details


Y-12 National Security Complex managed by BWXT for the Department of Energy


Oak Ridge, TN

Tank Size & Style:

(2) 2,000,000-gallon Composite Elevated Tanks
210’ – 5” High Water Level
52’ Diameter Concrete Support Pedestals

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