City of Sugar Land

Just southwest of Sugar Land, TX, near the Brazos River, Phoenix constructed a 2,000,000-gallon Composite Elevated Tank (CET) for the City of Sugar Land, TX. Illuminated at night by logo lighting, the tank stands proudly overlooking passers-by along Interstate 69. The tank wears the City logo in contrasting blue on a white background against the smooth concrete finish of the support pedestal. Coming up over the Brazos River levee lies a concrete approach through a gate and surrounding decorative fence.

The tank is built upon auger-cast piles topped by a pile cap foundation and a 52 ft. diameter concrete pedestal supporting the steel container. The tank features a hydrodynamic mixing system incorporated into the piping system. Additionally, the pedestal contains a second structural floor accessed by a spiral staircase from the base of the tank and an internal hoist for raising and lowering storage from floor to floor.


City of Sugar Land, TX


Sugar Land, TX

Tank Size & Style

2,000,000-Gallon Composite Elevated Tank
136’ – 1” High Water Level
52’ Diameter Concrete Support Pedestal
Second floor linked by spiral staircase in base of tank