Stanton, IA, is a community steeped in coffee history. For years, Stanton had been well known for its water tower shaped like a coffee pot. It was only fitting that in 2000, when the town needed more water, the theme remained the same. Phoenix was selected as the contractor for the new 150,000-gallon multi-column tank, and the engineering department got to work on capturing this theme with a tank that resembles a coffee cup sitting on a saucer.

The tank’s structural girder took the shape of a saucer, and the container took the shape of a cup. A handle was even added to complete the design. Custom flowers were painted onto the cup in keeping with the Swedish-style coffee pot design. This unique structure was awarded the prestigious “Tank of the Year” by the Steel Tank Institute / Steel Plate Fabricators Association.




Stanton, IA

Tank Size & Style

150,000-Gallon Multi Column 96’ High Water Level

Tank features a unique “teacup” design complete with detailed paint Logo lighting illuminates this masterpiece thru the evening hours STI/SPFA Tank of the Year