Our Capabilities

Design & Engineering

Licensed in over 40 states, with the experience and expertise required to design the most complex structures.

Phoenix is Unsurpassed

With our in-house team, we have decades of experience designing and engineering water tanks of nearly all sizes and styles. Our staff includes professional engineers, licensed and registered throughout the United States, as well as drafting specialists using the most advanced CAD technology.

Phoenix Engineers Bring Experience in All Facets of Water Tank Construction Including:

  • Tank design
  • Shop fabrication optimization
  • Concrete foundation and flat work layout
  • Jump-forming system designs for CET shafts
  • Field erection sequencing and procedures
  • Transportation restraints design

Structural Modifications

In addition to design-build projects, Phoenix can analyze your existing water tower to determine the feasibility of modifications. These modifications may include raising or lowering the tank or replacing the container, roof, or riser. We can assist you in determining the most suitable option for your water tower.

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