For over 37 years, Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors has met and exceeded our client’s expectations by listening to and providing solutions for their industry needs. As our industrial custom fabrication business continuously evolves, it is evident that our service capabilities and product offerings can alleviate the bottlenecks incurred by clients who support and supply the waste industry.

Phoenix Tank offers a diverse inventory of waste solution containers to meet the industry’s need for quality and customizable waste storage and removal products. We offer cost-efficient, readily available, customizable, and effective debris management products.

For years Phoenix has been providing value-added products to our clients. Our custom steel fabrication facilities, innovative manufacturing capabilities, and understanding of the waste management industry allow us to offer an inventory of waste solution products at affordable prices. We produce containers suitable for trash, rubble, or scrap in various sizes, shapes, and strengths. Our products include:

Roll Off Containers

Available in Rectangular and Tub Open Top models and manufactured in standard and heavy-duty options.

Compactor Receivers

Offered in both rectangular and octagonal styles and designed to withstand high-volume use.

Container Dogs

Takes the mess out of container-compactor separation. The roll-off door is manufactured with a spring-loaded retainer system customized to contain the debris that is being removed.

Front Load Containers

Provide a smaller footprint for tighter spaces. Available in 6 to 10-cubic yard sizes, with and without lids. Manufactured to stand up to frequent and repeated Use. ldeal for solid and recycled waste.

With Phoenix’s long, storied history of design, manufacturing, and erecting capabilities, we can construct and customize our inventory of containers to meet your needs. Our products are available in various size capacities, in different shape configurations, and in standard and heavy-duty options with a range of hoisting options.

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