City of Pigeon Forge

This unique 250,000-gallon sphere proudly serves the City of Pigeon Forge, TN, and overlooks the Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball Experience. Phoenix worked closely with the facility and the City to design a tank that would be only fitting for this environment, a baseball. The high-performance fluoropolymer coating system was carefully stenciled to represent the seams of the baseball as well as the logo for the City of Pigeon Forge. Phoenix was proud to have been a part of the dedication of this tank that serves the City and the wonderful baseball facility it overlooks.

Fall River

Fall River had elected to demolish their older, shorter standpipe and replace it with a new, much taller 750,000-gallon sphere, which Phoenix erected. The tank was built upon a spread footing on a very restrictive, sloping site which is surrounded by a large retaining wall, with the standpipe to remain in service until the completion of the new tank. Due to these constraints, extra care was needed to plan the tank erection. Phoenix crews altered conventional erection practices to fit this large structure into the available space. Phoenix painters worked within these constraints as well, developing a safe plan to get the tank properly coated. The roof was designed with accommodations for antenna support structures, and the tank contains a mixing system.