Elevated Water Storage Tanks

Regardless of tank style, Phoenix has the specialized design-build experience.

Composite Elevated Water Tanks

A composite elevated tank is a single concrete pedestal supporting a welded steel container. Composite tanks offer some similar benefits to spherical tanks by requiring a smaller construction footprint, having interior ladder systems, and having less painted surface area to maintain.

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Multi-Column Tanks

Among elevated steel water tanks, a multi-column (or multi-leg) design is the most cost-effective choice in most circumstances. The tank consists of a welded steel container supported by multiple welded steel legs, perimeter columns, and a central welded steel riser.

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Single Pedestal Tanks

A single-pedestal tank contains a single, welded steel pedestal supporting a welded steel container. Single pedestal tanks typically require a smaller compact construction footprint and offer the benefit of less surface area, hence less expense for paint maintenance.

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Fluted Column Tanks

A fluted column tank is a single, steel, fluted pedestal supporting a welded-steel container. Fluted columns offer similar design characteristics and internal storage capabilities as composite tanks.

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Tank Modifications

Water systems are complex to operate. Existing structures often require periodic adjustments for efficiency. When a system needs a change in water pressure or storage capacity, you may be dollars ahead with a tank modification such as raising a water tank.

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Industrial Tanks

Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, LLC is fully staffed to handle all of your custom industrial construction needs. Phoenix provides turnkey, single source solutions for construction, fabrication, installation, expansions, or modifications of steel tanks and other industrial products.

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