Raising Water Tank

Brooklyn, IN

Tank Raising

This 300,000-gallon multi-column tank sits directly in downtown Brooklyn, IN, adjacent to commercial buildings and a busy street. With careful preparation and planning, Phoenix engineered a critical lift plan which employed two hydraulic cranes, each rigged to the bottom of two of the five legs, and a third crane in the area above the fifth leg, rigged from the top of the tank. This unconventional lift was custom designed based on site restrictions and odd number of legs so the top-rigged crane would greatly assist stability as the other two cranes were rigged far below center of gravity.

Rigging and hoisting the structure was only half of the project, as this structure was raised an amazing 50 additional feet. Phoenix crews worked safely and efficiently to complete this large raise and secure the tank, relieving the cranes the same day and working thereafter to complete the project so the owner could use the newfound pressure in the system.

Project Details


Brooklyn, IN


Brooklyn, IN

Tank Size & Style:

300,000-Gallon Multi-Column
Raised 50’-0” with Hydraulic Cranes

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