AMG Aluminum

Phoenix, known for our world-class elevated water tower construction, also has a wide range of steel fabrication experience and know-how as exhibited by this unique, scrubber-tower ductwork. In order to keep downtime to a minimum, Phoenix management and engineering visited the site and made exact field measurements to ensure the duct fit right the first time. Upon completion of shop fabrication and finish coating, Phoenix worked closely with AMG to remove the existing duct and install the new duct. We performed the work during a short weekend maintenance shutdown to ensure the plant could resume production Monday morning. All of the bolted, flanged connections met up to their exact counterpart, greatly minimizing crane time and field-erection hours. The duct was also fabricated with an access manway and rescue davit for AMG to utilize during their regular maintenance intervals to protect their investment for years to come.


AMG Aluminum


Robards, KY

Tank Size & Style

38” Custom-Fabricated Duct for Scrubber Tower
14” Custom Fabricated Feeder Ducts
Access manway and rescue davit added for routine maintenance and cleaning