City of Arlington

In 2011, the City of Arlington, TX, needed a solution to correct a lack of sufficient water pressure in their 2,000,000-gallon sphere. The City turned to Phoenix to help solve their problem. Not only did the City have a pressure problem, but available space around the site was non-existent to deploy large hydraulic cranes to hoist the tank and place additional steel into place to make the structure taller.

After multiple site visits to complete an engineering analysis of the existing structure and foundation, Phoenix turned to its proprietary, hydraulic tank-jacking system with a plan to safely raise the 2,000,000-gallon tank 11 ft. The system operated internally from a structural girder designed and installed by Phoenix.

After multiple rounds of engineering verification and safety checking, and with hydraulics and surrounding hoists in place for load stabilization, Phoenix cut the tank loose in the stem section at 7 AM. The new stem sections were then put into place, and the tank was deemed secure by 11 PM that same evening.

In approximately 16 hours, Phoenix solved the pressure problem in a safe and efficient manner.


City of Arlington


Arlington, TX

Tank Size & Style

2,000,000-Gallon Sphere
Raised 11’-0” with Hydraulic Cylinders