City of Cleburne

Dating back to 2009, Phoenix has developed a close relationship with the City of Cleburne, TX. Beginning with the successful installation of the Nolan River Road back-wash tank, Phoenix designed and installed a small (300,000-gallon) Composite Elevated Tank (CET) to suit a non-traditional use for a tank of this style.

Next, Phoenix constructed the 1,000,000-gallon Rose Avenue CET, proudly displaying the City logo as well as the high school’s yellow jacket mascot. Immediately after placing the tank into service, Phoenix demolished an existing 500,000-gallon multi-column tank.

In 2016, Phoenix commissioned the 1,000,000-gallon Mulberry Street CET, also proudly displaying the City logo which is illuminated at night with logo lighting. The tank is also equipped with a solenoid-operated, multi-point sampling system. After the successful commissioning of the new tank, Phoenix demolished the existing 1,000,000-gallon multi-column tank.

Phoenix is proud to have served the City of Cleburne over the last several years and to have grown with them as their needs have changed for new and improved elevated water storage.


City of Cleburne, TX


Cleburne, TX

Tank Size & Style

Rose Avenue

1,000,000-Gallon Composite Elevated Tank
102’-10” High Water Level
40’ Diameter Concrete Support Pedestal

Nolan River Road

300,000-Gallon Composite Elevated Tank
50’-0” High Water Level
24’ Diameter Concrete Support Pedestal
Used as a back-wash tank for water treatment

Mulberry Street

1,000,000-Gallon Composite Elevated Tank
102’-4” High Water Level
40’ Diameter Concrete Support Pedestal