San Leon M.U.D

Working closely with a client to establish a truly remarkable project sets great contractors apart from the competition. So, when the local art community in San Leon decided they wanted to not only design their own artwork but also apply it, Phoenix worked with them to make it possible. The construction schedule had to be adapted “on the fly,” but this flexibility gave the owner a truly unique opportunity to put their own signature on their investment.

The 1,000,000-gallon Composite Elevated Tank overlooks scenic Galveston Bay and is built upon auger-cast piles topped by a pile cap foundation and a 40 ft. diameter concrete support pedestal supporting the steel container. Phoenix has designed plans for a second floor and continues to work with the owner on the future of this project.


San Leon M.U.D.


San Leon, TX

Tank Size & Style

1,000,000-Gallon Composite Elevated Tank
160’ – 1” High Water Level
40’ Diameter Concrete Support Pedestal
Designed to support future second floor