Three Options For Elevated Steel Water Tanks

Multi-Column Tanks

Among elevated steel water tanks, a multi-column (or multi-leg) design is the most cost-effective choice in most circumstances. The tank consists of a welded steel container supported by multiple welded steel legs, perimeter columns, and a central welded steel riser. These are reinforced with horizontal struts and diagonal bracing rods.

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Single Pedestal Tanks

A single pedestal tank contains a single, welded steel pedestal supporting a welded steel container. Single pedestal tanks typically require a smaller compact construction footprint and offer the benefit of less surface area, hence less expense for paint maintenance.

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 Fluted Column Tanks

A fluted column tank is a single, steel, fluted pedestal supporting a welded-steel container. Fluted columns offer similar design characteristics and internal storage capabilities as composite tanks. The primary distinction of fluted column is their construction entirely of carbon steel.

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